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Users of the site can also create their own events, by becoming an “Events Organizer” or EO.

8-Minute Dating is a useful site for single people living in the United States (or Canada) wishing to meet others through "real-life" social events, rather than via an online dating website.

Your current drama 'Remember' is really good, I am hooked and will be watching to the end. She truly deserved what she had now XD My first drama with Park Min Young was "City Hunter", and absolutely didn't like her there. Do Not care about those who criticize you are not a good thing. I and many of your fans hope to see you both in more future dramas. ) In your recent interview with KBS Entertainment, you mentioned that you would like to get married. I believe he's a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor! And Now, I'm watching the "Healer" you are one the BEST Korean actresses I've ever seen. But it's ok I'm still a fan of your's,but I hope that someday You and Lee Min-Ho get back together in the arm's of each other because you two got the perfect combination for being a couple even in real life. First of all I find healer more suspensful and thrilling than pinocchio but that doesn't mean i don't love them both.

Their dramas are airing starting May 10 but her drama doesn't start airing until May 31 which will be tough on her drama's ratings. Ur cheerful strong personality always keeps me going and gives me strength.8 Minute Dating is a speed dating service for singles.They host a number of functions throughout the year where attendees are paired off with each other for eight minutes before moving on to the next attendee.All events are for single people, however some are themed, for example, there are events specifically for African Americans, as well as Catholic events, and Jewish events.The detail page lists the price of admission, plus the suggested age range. Those living in or near major cities will have more to choose from than those in more rural areas - plus some states just have far more events going on than others.

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  1. “It’s more family oriented for sure in part because of the strong LDS presence.”Seal said the clients that are non-LDS have expressed that they don’t know how to go about dating and have felt isolated.