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The first impression is that it is a cozy dating website that caters perfectly to the group of people that it is supposed to cater too, which is obviously Black Christians.There’s nothing earth-shattering about the design, but it looks nice overall.If you are looking for mature black Christian singles then you should attend the over 50’s social afternoon.The event takes place at the gorgeous Thistle Arch hotel at 4pm every Friday.The hotel offers a large choice of snacks, specialty teas and milkshakes.The event is very relaxed; you are free to move around speaking to as many or as little people as you wish.

There are events hosted all over the world specifically designed for singles that are looking to socialise or meet someone who follows the same faith.So while it’s certainly nothing new or nothing you have never seen before if you have been on other dating websites, it’s definitely designed very well overall and it’s very functional.Join the World of Black Christian Singles Dating – Try Meet Black Christian Singles!As stated earlier, this is obviously a dating site that is in its infancy, so don’t really expect the world. In fact, many people actually prefer fewer options and fewer features when it comes to dating sites.And if you are interested in super specific dating sites, which Meet Black Christian Singles definitely is, then you probably won’t feel like you are missing any features here.

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