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Read More: Phishing – How to create Fake login Page? This is the simplest way of monitoring ones PC to steal their personal details such as passwords and credit card details.

Keyloggers are of two types: hardware and software.1) Hardware Keylogger If you can Physically access victims PC, then this could be the ideal keylogger.

The hacker behind it can now easily pick up the device containing all the information (passwords, credit card details) of victim anytime. for example look at the email message below: At First sight, it’s really hard to control our self not to click it. But When you click on that link, the keylogger is automatically installed on your PC without any warning and sometimes Antivirus fails to recognize this.

Therefore, if desired, the keylogger can be moved to another computer to retrieve the data. Now that the Keylogger is residing on your PC, the hacker can now monitor all the activities on your PC.

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Phishing is a criminal process of attempting to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords,credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy website.

the hacker could be your girlfriend, boyfriend or sometimes a family member.

Also, he might be your online friend with whom you share your profile details including ‘date of birth’, ‘cellphone no’, and other favorite things such as cuisines, music, movies, etc.

Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging, and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one.

The hacker usually sends an e-mail that appears to come from a bank, or credit card company — requesting “verification” of information.

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This information is enough for a hacker to start guessing the security question of the email account and in that way reset the password and put his own password and login into the account.

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