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It appears that whoever impregnates them has no marital attachment to them, and that the sole purpose of a birth queen is to breed. What work they do seems unclear, but it is assumed that they do menial tasks that would be equivalent to a working class Sim.Pollination Technicians perform the work of abducting and impregnating male Sims.NASA is Boeing's anchor customer for the Starliner, beginning with missions to the International Space Station carrying NASA and NASA-sponsored crew members.I think I understand why purists wished to do away with spaceship mode, but for the occasional jaunt I think it was a good idea.As an educational tool it gave a good sense of relationships hard to obtain any other way (e.g., the location of the Milky Way with respect to the Magellanic clouds, Andromeda, etc.It offered a sense of "vastness" to students as well as local positioning info.It also features wireless internet and tablet technology for crew interfaces. The “Boeing Blue” suit will be worn by all Starliner crew members during launch, ascent and re-entry and will be customized for each crew member to maximize protection, capability and comfort. Chris Ferguson, director of Starliner Crew and Mission Systems, is shown here wearing the Communications Cap Assembly.

Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together.

They seem to be recent phenomenon in Alien society, as there are no known Pollination Technicians that have bred with Birth Queens.

Growing hair may be seen as a societal faux pas in the unseen hive, as they appear to be able to grow it, but don't unless they retire or emigrate off-world.

Pollination Technicians are allowed to retire from their assigned jobs, and can settle on planets of their choices.

Pollination Tech#9 Smith retired on his "favorite" planet, the one which Sims reside on.

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The alien eyes and skintone are not normally available in Create a Sim, but can be unlocked by using testingcheatsenabled to enter the CAS debug mode.

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