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These one-on-one services are more expensive than online dating sites. adults agreed with the statement, “People who use online dating sites are desperate;” but in 2013, only 21 percent of adults agreed with the statement.The stigma once associated with online dating is disappearing. Now, 87 percent of males and 83 percent of females agree with the statement, “Online dating is socially acceptable.” But, even with this shift, online dating and mobile apps still face ongoing challenges.STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP: Tinder, the mobile dating app which sees nearly 400 million "swipes" per day, just experimented with sponsored content for the first time, mixing in fake user profiles for characters from the FOX sitcom, .While Tinder execs say this is more of a strategic partnership instead of a full-blown ad, the move suggests that Tinder will soon be incorporating paid ads on the app.MOBILE ADS WILL RULE: Mobile advertising is poised to explode over the next five years, and no companies will benefit more than burgeoning social-mobile apps.With all kinds of data to offer advertisers from their massive, growing audiences, these apps make the perfect ad platform to serve up personalized marketing content to users based on browsing history, interests, demographics, and location.According to Pew Research Center, 54 percent of online daters felt that someone else seriously misrepresented themselves in their online profile.

This business plan has been developed in MS Word/Excel and is appropriate for seeking start up or expansion capital from an investor, bank, SBA program, or grant company.

One of the world’s oldest professions is matchmaking, and given the role of technology in today’s world, it’s no surprise that the industry is booming.

With an explosion of new websites and apps, the dating services industry has performed very well in the past five years and is continuing to grow as today's singles turn to the Internet for help finding love.

Matchmakers & Dating Coaches: Companies and professionals in this industry provide matchmaking services and host singles events such as speed dating.

These professionals also work to help improve their clients’ overall success in dating and relationships.

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