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“I never had a role model till I met King James,” Lambo captioned a photo of himself with the 28-year-old ball player. West has been adamant that the sexual affair never happened but the story continues to loom over Gloria’s head.

As of this writing, Le Bron hasn’t responded to the fake Delonte’s tweet on Twitter.Instead of a photo of James’ father, there is a photo of Delonte as Le Bron’s dad.In the hashtags, the fake West writes a “ha” laugh label, as well as a label that claims Delonte is really Le Bron’s dad, and the final “ask Gloria” punch at the end. It was a rumor that spread so far and wide that some claimed it was the reason that Le Bron played pretty horribly during the 2010 NBA playoffs.The fact that the former Cleveland Cavaliers’ center account is fake should be good news for those who remember Delonte and Le Bron’s special relationship. Gloria James is dating a rapper named Da Real Lambo (which is probably not his given name).

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