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“For some people, their expectations going in are too high,” she said. It's a process.“Some of them think that they have superhuman hearing, and sometimes they say it sounds like Mickey Mouse or a cartoon character,” she said.“For some people, that's more than they've ever had.”Patients literally must train their brains to interpret the new sounds.About a month later, Lindsey and Brad returned to the Medical Center and sat next to Dr.Vicki Gonzalez, chief of audiology and assistant professor of otolaryngology and communicative sciences, as Gonzalez pushed the keys on a computer that turned on the half dollar-sized implant for the first time.'” remembered Brad, 37, a Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper and National Guard member. Lindsey's parents didn't know she was losing her hearing until she was 3. ' My parents thought I was just hard-headed,” she said. It was her disability that, ironically, enamored her to the man who believes she has no limits.“That's how we got together.

At age 32, after years of muffled hearing at best, “I could hear the air blowing through the vent,” Lindsey said.“She said, 'Do y'all hear that? Lindsey excelled, reading lips to make up for her limited hearing and refusing to let it define her.

The big difference between cochlear implants in adults and very young children is that adult candidates are longtime hearing aid users, Eby said. The usual story is that, over time, the hearing gets worse and hearing aids are no longer useful.”He looks for their ability to discriminate words.

“Hearing aids help to a point, but there's a cutoff we use for whether hearing aids, or an implant, is the better option.

I saw it as a perk, but she could feel the vibration of my snoring every night.”Lindsey's grandfather received a cochlear implant in 1987, when the device was in its infancy.

Lindsey took note and gave it some thought as she grew into an adult.

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She and Brad were living in Columbus due to his job in the National Guard.“I met a patient in his 50s who had one,” she said. “I'd been told it would be several months before we'd know if I'd be a candidate. Eby said I looked like a good candidate, but he needed to follow it through with tests,” Lindsey said. '''She did -- a hearing evaluation, CT scan and full audiology workup.

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