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I personally found it to be not very user friendly when I first discovered it, but did admire the amount of detail users were allowed to go into on their profiles. What I enjoyed about Ok Cupid was how it felt more like a social media scene then it did some bathhouse in Hell’s Kitchen.

The app has gone through redesigns and is much more user friendly. Another perk of Ok Cupid’s app is that it has Tinder’s swiping capabilities, as well as Grindr and Scruff’s grid display. Rating: 4/5Coffee Meets Bagel You may have most recently heard about Coffee Meets Bagel because of their appearance on Shark Tank where the app’s founders turned down a million offer.

Tinder is essentially just a hot or not app in which you swipe left on humans you’re repulsed by, and swipe right on those you’d bang. If you pass you are given the chance to buy another match.

If you like your match and they like you back as well, then a private chat line is opened in the app for you to talk to eachother.

I say this because, according to their profiles, every spare moment is devoted to running, skiing, hiking, climbing, rafting, unicycling, spelunking, parachuting into triathlons, and engaging in a variety of other calorie-burning gerunds.

How they simultaneously manage to keep up with all those Netflix shows they admit to loving presents a real puzzle.

How women present themselves is a topic about which I can speak more knowledgeably.

If you are looking for a more serious type of predicament to get yourself into you, then you should consider doing yourself a favor and trying out another app.

Just becauce Grindr was the first, in no way means it's the best.

Perhaps they watch on their phones while they’re running, skiing, and hiking.

What makes online dating so frustrating isn’t the exaggeration, it’s that you’re participating in a depressing hierarchy of desirability — a daisy chain of quiet rejection. We have the luxury of being less goal-oriented, the same way we’ve learned to be about sex.

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And while Facebook verification is all well and good, the coolest feature of the app's whole schtick is definitely the Chappy sliding scale. A function that offers a new kind of choice that even seasoned app users will envy - mood based dating, if you will. No more of those CRAZY fun "So, what are you looking for? So yeah, we'd say the whole Chappy thing is pretty cool.

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