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One of my old colleagues at a technology think tank in Cambridge partly in charge of the radio frequency weapons testing for neurological disruption now torturing and killing people worldwide.

Energy Weapons & Testing synopsis: Independent investigator Robert Duncan discussed directed energy and neurological weapons and his contention that they've been tested on the public at large.Then fight to win back America from this silent overthrow.This has been my project for about two years, investigating government corruption, incompetence, and cover-up upon which I accidentally stumbled one day while looking at a reverse MRI scheme to inject electromagnetic signals into the brain for virtual reality applications. and have given videotaped testimony to senators and representatives on this topic resulting in lip service since they have no real power to enforce.Like my ancestor Lincoln, I am fighting against mental slavery in a new Civil War engineered by the same useless elements in over 80 government agencies who have tested radiological, drug, and viral weapons on unsuspecting Americans for over 45 years.I have great pride in the fundamental and constitutional values of America and mean no disrespect by my blasting the incompetence, apathy, and stupidity of those involved in the conspiracy of involuntary biological, chemical, and psychotronic human effects testing.

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Before graduate school I worked for the Department of Defense, Navy, NATO, and various intelligence agencies computer science projects.

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