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She started waiting for the daddy to bring up the money issue and was immediately more successful.Like Rebecca, Amanda never directly asks for money.

“They’re trying to pretend that these smart, beautiful women actually want to hang out with them.”The illusion works the other way, as well.There is no direct exchange of money,” Amanda said.In this way, it’s easier for the men—and, to a certain extent, the women—to pretend the transaction never actually happened.“I found that some, if not most, of the guys don’t want to talk about money.Men with annual incomes of over or million get the most attention.The site advertises “mutually beneficial relationships,” in which young women shower men with attention in exchange for “the finer things in life”—fancy dinners, extravagant vacations, or monthly allowances. But sex, I was told by multiple sugar babies, is what everybody’s thinking about.“’Sugar babies are escorts,” said Tammy Castle, a professor at James Madison University whose research includes analyzing the content of escort websites.

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