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At TEC I had a conversation with someone asking me how they could flush the Kerberos tickets of a computer account without rebooting.

In the past they used some trick which launched a task in the Local System context and executed “klist –purge” but that didn’t seem to work no longer for 2008 (R2? There is actually something which is much easier: you can execute “klist –li 0x3e7” to target the logon session of the computer account.

The list of groups a user is a member of is displayed in the section The user is a part of the following security groups.

For example, the AD group has been assigned to a user to access a network share.

Windows 2000 allows you to organize users and other domain objects into groups for easy administration of access permissions.

Obviously, without re-login a user won’t be able to access it.

Reset all Kerberos tickets of the user with this command: To see the updated list of groups, run a new command prompt window using runas for a new process to be created with a new security token.

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