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RCS bypasses encryption techniques employed to protect users, and therefore remains undetectable.

In 2014, Citizen Lab claimed to have identified three RCS points in Uzbekistan.

Protection against state surveillance is also a global issue – affecting not only frontline defenders, but also activists and whistleblowers in advanced democracies.

A crackdown on political dissent followed the 2005 Andijan massacre – in which hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were shot by members of the security services – accompanied by intensified state surveillance.

Activists, human rights defenders and independent journalists who shine a light on these abuses often only become aware of their surveillance upon presentation with illegally-obtained evidence in court.

Acting President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has pledged to continue Karimov’s legacy, meaning internet freedom is unlikely to improve.

Voice over IP (Vo IP) services such as Skype, Whats App, and Viber have been inaccessible, though both the government and service providers denied blocking them.

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Mobile providers continued to invest into 4G LTE broadband connectivity, with speeds of up to 70Mbps offered by provider UMS.

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