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has noted in her proxy materials that currently she is the only woman director on the Board and that if she is not re-elected, the Board will be "completely devoid of diversity." That is not what the 2015 Annual Meeting is about.The Corporate Governance Committee believes that even our longest tenured directors should not expect automatically to be re-nominated for election.This was reinforced recently when, after the Board voted not to re-nominate Ms.Wynn on the Company's slate for election as a director, Ms.Rather than demonstrating the objectivity and oversight roles of an independent director, we believe that Ms. Wynn is not an "independent" director and instead is and has been an inside director since 2002.As stated above, the Corporate Governance Committee intends to add qualified and 500 companies today, compared with 50% in 2009 and 39% in 2004.[1] We believe that Wynn stockholders should be represented by independent directors, and the Board unanimously determined that Ms. THE INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS ON YOUR BOARD BELIEVE THAT MS.This commitment is reflected by the number of women in senior leadership roles throughout the Company, which includes 34% of employees at the level of Vice President or above and 38% of employees at the levels of Executive Director or Assistant Vice President.The Corporate Governance Committee evaluates diversity on many levels, including breadth of experience and the ability to bring new and different perspectives to the Board.

Wynn's efforts to separate her actions in her litigation from her role as a director have been ineffective and have impaired her ability to participate effectively as a director.

Wynn sought an amendment to the stockholder agreement with Mr.

Wynn to increase the amount of stock that she is permitted to sell.

In addition, as specifically authorized under the Company's Bylaws, the Board voted to reduce the size of the Board, effective at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

This reduction is expected to be temporary, as the Board has committed to add a qualified, independent candidate by the end of 2015.

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The Board will continue its search for qualified candidates, prioritizing women and diverse candidates.

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