Xbmc library not updating movies

When the console opens, enter the password you created in the previous step.

You’ll then find yourself at the My SQL server prompt.

By default, if you have multiple Kodi machines, they won’t recognize each other.

Episodes you watched on one TV won’t show as “watched” on another.

For this tutorial, we’ll be installing My SQL on a media server running Windows 10.

Our installation instructions should match for any version of Windows.

You’ll need to perform this step on every machine running Kodi, but we recommend setting it up on one machine first—probably the same machine you backed up your library from, if you chose to do so. This basic setup should get your video and music libraries synced, but you can also sync other portions of Kodi, as well as sync multiple profiles with the name tag if you use them.

In order to point Kodi to My SQL, we need to edit Kodi’s file. Once your file is ready to go, open Kodi on that machine.

But if you have multiple TVs in your house, wouldn’t it be nice if they all stayed in sync?

By default, the Windows installer open the port automatically, but we’ve seen situations in which it didn’t.

The easiest way to open the port is with a Power Shell command.

For this project, you’ll need the following: You can install the My SQL server on any computer that will be consistently on while you’re using the media centers.

In our case, we’re going to install My SQL on the same always-on home server that we store our movies and TV shows on—that way, any time the media is available to Kodi, so is the database.

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